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Intrusion alarm systems

The installation of an alarm system is essential to protect your home or business from potential threats. These systems act as a constant shield, deterring intruders and providing an immediate response in case of an emergency. Investing in security brings peace of mind and can prevent potentially dangerous or costly situations, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and your assets. The importance of an alarm system lies in its ability to serve as a reliable line of defense, significantly reducing the risk of unwanted intrusions and providing an invaluable sense of security.

Infrared sensor

Infrared sensors

These sensors use motion detection technology based on body heat and the infrared radiation emitted by objects. When the infrared sensor is triggered due to a change in temperature or movement, it activates the alarm, alerting homeowners or a security company to the potential intrusion. These sensors are effective for indoor protection and are commonly used in homes and businesses as part of a comprehensive alarm system to detect the presence of intruders.

Magnetic sensor

Magnetic sensor

A magnetic sensor works by detecting changes in the magnetic field when a circuit is opened or closed. It consists of two main components: a magnet and a magnetic switch. These evices are widely used in security systems to protect doors and windows. They are simple yet effective, and their reliable operation makes them an essential part of intruder detection in homes and businesses.

Panic buttom

Panic buttom

A panic button is a device used in alarm systems to send an emergency signal to the alarm receiving center (ARC). This signal can be used to notify authorities of an emergency, such as a burglary, fire, or attack.

A panic button is typically a small, portable device that can be carried in the hand or on clothing. When the panic button is pressed, it sends a signal to the panel. The  panel, in turn, sends a signal to the authorities, who then proceed to the scene of the emergency.

Here are some of the components of an intruder alarm system. Contact us to get a quote for a system tailored to your needs.

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